Genetically, Kit is a black colored female with tan points
and irish spotting (evidenced by a partial white collar and
one white leg).  Since irish spotting is not a characteristic
color of the Kelpie, she is considered a mismark.  She
comes from a certain bloodline that is notorious for
producing white collars, white paws and a white tip on the
This is Kit at 6 weeks old.  Notice her right front paw is
white and the white extends up to the mid-point of the leg.  

Just a reminder: the phenotype (what you can see) does not interfere
with how the dog works.
and Crosses
This female is an offspring of a black/tan Kelpie and
ticked-black (called blue in the ACD breed) ACD.
The sire of these pups is a black/tan Kelpie and the
dam is a ticked-black ACD.
This pup is the offspring of a black/tan Kelpie male
and a black/white (piebald) Rat Terrier female.
Please note that we do not own, nor did we breed,
any of the listed dogs.