Dilute Black
Diluted Black (D Gene Locus):

This color is called 'Blue' in the Kelpie breed.  When present in the
homozygous recessive form (d/d) it dilutes black (eumelanin) to blue or
grayish color, and red ("e/e") to cream or pale yellow.  

Skin pigment (especially the nose) is also diluted to a grayish color and the
irises to a brown, gold, amber or gray.

Sometimes the blue color is mistaken for the dilute brown (fawn) color and

*NOTE:  Most people think that to produce the blue color, one has to breed
blue to blue -- not so. As long as both parents carry the "D" allele, either in
the homozygous (d/d) or heterozygous form (D/d), the blue color will be
produced.  Some have said this is a "rare" color and therefore sell puppies
for a much higher price.  This is not true, this color is no more rare than the
black or brown color.  

Example: A person can breed black (with or without tan points) to black and
produce blue colored pups as long as
BOTH parents are carrying the
dilution gene.