Banded Hair
If you part the hair (usually on the neck, withers and flank area), you will
sometimes find the hair shaft is a different color from the tip.  

The shaft being white, cream, golden or various hues of pigment and the tip
of the hair is black (if the dog is black), brown (if the dog is brown), or blue (if
the dog is blue).  By definition, this is the color typical for the shaded sable
color pattern.

Not all Kelpies have this coloration.  

The dog in the picture is a typical black with tan points Kelpie of known

Her genotype is: "a^t/a^t k/k B/b D/_ E/_" (it is unknown if she carries the
dilution gene ["d"] or the recessive red gene ["e"]).  If I were to shave off the
tips of her coat -- she would look like an entirely different dog.  She would be
white/cream from the middle of her neck to almost the top, then would be
golden.  This coloration would extend to her withers.  From her withers to her
flanks would be solid black.  From her flanks to the tail and down to the tan
points she would be white/cream/golden color.  Her 'new' color would
resemble a dog that has a saddle pattern.